How I can help you

In essence, I’m here to collaborate with you on designing the celebration you want.  I’ll seek to understand your thoughts and ideas, your Pinterest boards, your intentions and goals, and curate an event that reflects your love, your friendships, your family, your team, your passion.

But to do that, I’ll need to get to know you.

Starting with that coffee, vino or champers date (or phone/zoom call for my interstate friends, teams & lovers).  We’ll get started on designing your event in detail. 

I will guide you through the process of designing your event.  I pride myself on my personal touch & attention to detail, offering a friendly personalised service and I always aim to exceed my clients’ expectations.  Taking cues from the old, the new, the elegant & sophisticated, the textured, the organic, and of course you.  Inspiration is everywhere for me.   

Through this insight, I can do more than just style, design, co-ordinate and deliver your celebration. I can help you capture a moment in time that will be cherished and spoken of for generations, or at the very least, make for one epic party.

So if you are ready to get started, say hello and let’s go on our first date…